Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With U in Sanskrit

Explore a collection of meaningful Hindu baby boy names starting with ‘U’ in Sanskrit (उ से लड़कों के नाम संस्कृत में), each with rich cultural and spiritual meaning. From traditional options like Uday (meaning “rising sun”) to unique options like Utkarsh (symbolizing “prosperity” or “growth”), these names reflect the timeless wisdom and linguistic beauty of Sanskrit.

Whether you’re looking for a name that embodies strength, virtue, or auspicious qualities, this curated list offers a diverse range of options for parents looking to give their newborn a name that resonates with cultural heritage and positive attributes. Embrace the deep meanings and historical roots encapsulated in these Sanskrit names, each of which has the potential to shape the character and destiny of your beloved baby boy.

Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With U in Sanskrit (उ से लड़कों के नाम संस्कृत में)

Sanskrit boy names starting with USpecial information about the nameMeaning in English language
Udbhava (उद्धव)name of a son of Nahuṣaexistence, generation, origin.
Umesa (उमेश)name of God Sivahusband of Uma i.e. Goddess Parvati.
Uddalaka (उद्दालक)name of a Sanskrit teachera kind of honey.
Udayana (उदयन)name of several kings and authors in Sanskrit literaturerising of the sun etc., conclusion, result.
Uccadeva (उच्चदेव)name of God Viṣṇu or Kṛṣṇaname of God Viṣṇu or Kṛṣṇa
Ucchikha (उच्छिख)Name of a Naga in Mahabharatahigh-crested, blazing up, radiant.
Ucathya (उचथ्य)name of an Angirasa seer, author of some hymns of the Ṛgvedadeserving praise.

Sanskrit boy names starting with UMeaning in English language
Udraka (उद्रक)name of a Ṛṣi.
Uktha (उक्थ)eulogy, praise, series of verses chanted together.
Udana (उदान)one of the five vital-airs present in the body, name of a kind of snake, joy.
Udaya (उदय)rising, coming forth, being visible.
Udita (उदित)said, spoken, proclaimed, handed down.
Unmaṇi (उन्मणि)a gem lying on the surface.
Ukṣan (उक्षन्)Name of various deities like Soma, Maruts, Sun and Agni, (lit.) large, an ox or bull.
Ugravirya (उग्रवीर्य)terrible in might.
Ukṣita (उक्षित)Sprinkled or consecrated, strong, fully grown.
Ucchiras (उच्छिरस)one with an upraised head.
Ujjendra (उज्जेन्द्र)name of a man.
Utathya (उतथ्य)name of a son of Angiras and elder brother of Bṛhaspati.
Unkara (उङ्कार)name of a companion of Viṣṇu.
Ujjhaka (उज्झक)a devotee, a cloud.
Uḍḍisa (उड्डीश)name of Siva.
Utanka (उतङ्क)name of a Ṛṣi.
Utkala (उत्कल)name of a son of Dhruva.
Uttama (उत्तम)best, excellent, highest, chief.

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