Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With I in Sanskrit

Discover a curated collection of Hindu baby boy names starting with ‘I’ in Sanskrit (इ ई से लड़कों के नाम संस्कृत में), each imbued with cultural significance and deep meanings. Rooted in an ancient language, these names reflect the rich heritage of Hindu traditions and often have connections to mythology and philosophy.

From traditional names like Ishan and Indrajeet to unique options like Ikshu and Ishaan, this list offers timeless and culturally resonant options for parents looking for meaningful names for their sons. Explore the linguistic beauty and cultural depth of Sanskrit in this selection, where each name hides a unique story and adds to the cultural tapestry of Hindu baby names.

Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With A in Sanskrit (इ ई से लड़कों के नाम संस्कृत में)

Sanskrit boy names starting with ISpecial information about the nameMeaning in English language
Ikṣvaku (इक्ष्वाकु)name of a son of Vaivasvata Manuthe first king of the solar dynasty in Ayodhya
Ijya (इज्य)the Guru of the godsa teacher, a deity or god, name of Bṛhaspati
Iddhmavaha (इद्ध्मवाह)name of a son of Agastya Ṛṣione who carries fuel sticks or fuel in general (for the sacrifice).
Inu (इनु)name of a Gandharvaa demi-god.
Indra (इन्द्र)The God of the atmosphere and sky or lord of rain.one who has Vajra i.e. thunderbolt in his hand and smites the enemies with that.
Ismi (इष्मी)associated with the winds.going quickly, speedy, impetuous
Indu (इन्दु)the moon, the Soma juice (often addressed in Rigveda)a bright drop or a spark.
Iḍa (इड)name of Agniwho is to be addressed with prayers, or invoked with the stream or flow of praise.
Ina (इन)name of an Adityaable, strong, mighty, glorious, a king, the sun.
Iṣira (इषिर)name of Agni.refreshing, fresh, active, vigorous, quick.
Iṭa (इट)name of a Ṛṣi belonging to Ṛgveda.a kind of reed or grass, a mat woven from such a grass.

Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With A in Sanskrit (इ ई से लड़कों के नाम संस्कृत में)

Sanskrit boy names starting with IMeaning in English language
Ikkavala (इक्कवाल)good fortune, prosperity.
Iddha (इद्ध)kindled, lighted, shining, blazing.
Isvara (ईश्वर)capable, liable, master, lord, prince, the supreme being.
Iccharama (इच्छाराम)name of an author.
Ilina (ईलिन)name of a son of Tansu and father of Duśyanta.
Itvara (इत्वर)travelling, a traveller.
Ijana (ईजान)one who has sacrificed.
Iluṣa (इलूष)name of the father of Kavaṣa.
Indivara (इन्दीवर)the blossom of a blue lotus.
Isana (ईशान)wealthy, reigning, ruler, master, one of the older names of Siva or Rudra.
Ilya (इल्य)name of a mythical tree in the other world.
Ilivila (इलिविल)name of a son of Daśaratha.
Ishu (इषु)an arrow, name of a Soma ceremony, name of a constellation, ray of light.
Iṣṭa (इष्ट)desired, worshipped with sacrifices, sacrifice, beloved, agreeable, cherished, respected.

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